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Terms and Conditions

It is the obligation of the renter to give a minimum of 4 weeks notice to vacate the space taken.  Space will be charged at 2 times cost for 4 weeks if notice is not given before items are permitted to be removed.  If opting to pay monthly late payments will incur a late payment fee of 10€ or 5€ per day whichever is the greater until the balance is paid in full.  If the balance is not paid within 4 weeks of the due date the contents of the box or space rented will be sold at auction with no reserve to recover the debt.  No illegal items, drugs or firearms may be stored.  Special care must be taken by the renter when storing mattresses.  Insurance is the responsibility of the renter.  All care will be taken by Sidneys but no liability or responsibility will be taken by Sidneys for any loss or damage to any items while on the premises.

If insurance is taken through Sidney´s Insurance Company it will cover general household items only up to 1,500€ per unit and excludes high value items or jewellery.

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